Benefits of Digital Marketing for Success in Business – In the business world, of course we all want a successful and smooth business. But sometimes there are some obstacles in doing business that hinder our business. But don’t worry, there are several important reasons for digital marketing to be successful

Connect with consumers easily

Why digital marketing is important, the main reason is to facilitate communication with consumers. Consumers will feel appreciated when served well and quickly by the company. Likewise, if the company releases a new product, it can do promotions directly to consumers.
Regardless of whether the relationship is built through email, social media platforms to the telephone number used by the consumer. In addition, companies can also implement an omnichannel strategy, which is to combine digital marketing with conventional methods.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Success in Business

Able to track consumer behavior

Digital marketing is also able to track consumer behavior, from here you can see what is trending and most needed by consumers. To track how these consumers behave, companies can use artificial intelligence (AI) features. The existence of AI does have the advantage of processing large amounts of consumer data so that it can create new market trends. Even data from Forrester’s Global State of Artificial Intelligence Online Survey states that 57% of companies use AI to improve service to their customers. Thus, the presence of AI can increase sales of the products offered by the company by around 44%.

Expand market share

The main purpose of marketing is to expand market share and ultimately target new potential customers. If these consumers are interested in the products offered, it will sell well and will increase revenue for the company. The old or conventional marketing strategy can reach a certain market share. It would be even better if you use digital marketing, be it through the company website, social media to email marketing.
Its reach is very wide. You don’t just reach out to the surrounding areas or within the country, you can even expand your market share around the world. But keep in mind, in expanding market share through digital marketing, you should need to create interesting content and not bore potential consumers.

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Reducing conventional marketing costs

Research conducted by eMarketer in 2016 showed that the cost of digital marketing exceeds the number of advertisements on television. Indeed, previously television was known as the most effective medium for promoting a company’s products. In addition, there are other media such as newspapers, magazines and billboards which are no less effective.
However, if you look back, the amount of expenditure for marketing through conventional media is quite expensive. You have to pay taxes which are certainly not small and permits are quite complicated. Unlike the case when using digital marketing which is considered not to cost a lot but the results are very effective. For example, you can collaborate with an agency to market the company’s products in the digital realm.