Gold Price Before Eid – The price of gold produced by PT Aneka Tambang or Antam is stagnant, aka not moving today, Monday (4/5/2021). According to IDN Times’ observation from, the price of gold was stagnant at Rp937 thousand at the beginning of the week before Eid.

Meanwhile, the resale price or buyback was also stagnant at IDR 841 thousand per gram.

1. The price of Antam’s gold bullion in other denominations

The following is the price of Antam’s gold bullion in other denominations as of today:

Gold price of 0.5 grams: IDR 518.5 thousand

Price of 1 gram of gold: IDR 937 thousand

Price of 2 grams of gold: Rp1, 814 million

Price of 3 grams of gold: IDR 2,696 million

Price of 5 grams of gold: IDR 4,460 million

Price of 10 grams of gold: IDR 8,865 million

Price of 25 grams of gold: IDR 22,037 million

Price of 50 grams of gold: IDR 43,995 million

Price of 100 grams of gold: IDR 87,912 million

The selling price of gold does not include Income Tax (PPh) 22 on gold bullion of 0.45 percent for holders of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). Buyers who do not include a NPWP receive a higher tax discount of 0.9 percent.

2. Gold is a safe asset to invest

Gold can be a very useful way to diversify an investment portfolio. Apart from the fact that gold is a precious metal that is in great demand, its value also tends to be the opposite of other investment assets such as equity or property.

This means that when stock or property prices fall, the value of gold will likely increase so that investors who have diversified their investment into gold can breathe a sigh of relief because not all of their assets have weakened in value.

According to MoneyWeek, gold can also be referred to as insurance for an investor’s portfolio, so every investor must at least allocate around 5 percent to 15 percent of their portfolio for gold or gold-related investments.

3. Determine first your investment goals before buying gold

Investing in gold is often an option, especially for conservative investors. Besides being easy, gold investment also tends to be safe. This is because the risk they have is not as high as investing in stock instruments.

So, before you start investing, first determine what your investment goals are. If investing for the short term, of course gold instruments are not suitable because there is a difference between the selling price and the buying price. Instead of making a profit, you can lose.

Conversely, if you invest for the long term, gold is a suitable instrument. Because, you will get significant benefits.